To the unborn

This poem was written in gratitude for our embryos from our IVF journey. On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m particularly grateful for the wishes that came true in our journey to become moms. Here’s a Thanksgiving photo of two of our embryos…

Our grown embryos, Lena and Landon, this Thanksgiving 2021.

To the unborn

We began at our thirty-eight;

Then merely down to thirty-three.                 

A few more left the cold petri
dish; gone, but not forgotten, dreams.            

Trepidation and more waiting,

Then more loss of future living.                    

Down to twenty-two embryos;

numbers faltered to seventeen.

You mattered more than life itself;

To us and scientifically.

You were our sweet dreams, one by one–

We listened, waited, and loved thee.

So then a whirlwind of life,

And two chances—dreams– made to breathe.

We mourn the losses we never had–

our embryos we got to dream.

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